Ancient Arts
Martial Training

Ancient Arts hosts the most comprehensive offering of combat and fitness arts in Orange County, including Kuk Sool, the martial art of the South Korean Special Forces (수색대대) and the royal bodyguards (궁중무술) of the former Kingdom of Korea.

This is a real martial art including striking, submissions, and higher level skills intended for self-defense, special forces, or bodyguards. Kuk Sool is for self-development and self-awareness, and therefore, the superior skills that can only be found in a refined, cultivated psyche.

Ancient Arts Culture Center is the US headquarters for Kuk Sool Kwan (국술관), but also offers a host of other classes and services including Ju-jitsu, Taijiquan,Aikijutsu, Yoga, Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Karate, Oriental Music and several Children’s Programs.