Most martial arts rely on a specific way of moving and training the body, and their students rehearse those movements until a useful tool is developed. Kuk Sool, however, does not limit itself to one specific approach, but instead incorporates several.

This focus on versatility is not only for the sake of excellent self defense, but more importantly, is an extension of a central philosophy aiming at the rounding out of the whole person in every way.

Kuk Sool is not merely a sport or activity, but a complete system of self-cultivation with an authentic lineage to a royal tradition. Kuk Sool is not only great for getting in shape, but provides an opportunity to acquire extraordinary skills that will be with you for your whole life.

Training in Kuk Sool Kwan can teach you the health and spirituality of yoga, the grace of a dancer, the fighting prowess of a bodyguard or special forces soldier, the wisdom of a sage, and a confidence and self mastery all its own -- all within a single pursuit. Like it was for the aristocracy of old, a life of self cultivation and refinement is still possible for the modern individual.

Discover what generations of heroes and statesmen have learned: the limitless potential within yourself.